Return Product Help

Return Product Help

If you receive an incorrect order or defective item, we will gladly make things right and cover any replacement and shipping cost. Simply go to Help Center and a new order will be placed within 2-4 business day.
What's the timeline for my refund?
For the vast majority of returns, it takes about 5-10 Business Days for us to get your package at the fulfillment center, inspect your return, process it into inventory, and complete your refund. If the refund is being issued to a credit card, depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional 2-10 Business Days after your credit is applied for it to post to your account.

Thank you
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    • What is Natural Flavor (s) ?

      Natural flavors are essential oils extracted from fruits, vegetables or spices that are used to flavor a food product. Rest assured that we never use any artificial flavoring or coloring in our product.
    • Order hasn't arrived!

      We understand that it is disappointing and frustrating for a customer when he experiences the USPS tracking info not updating. But at times, even the most efficient service may fall prey to some glitches. Hence, we suggest you keep calm as your ...
    • Why is 78 Ketchup so dark ?

      Ketchup can become darker over time due to a process called “oxidation” that happens upon opening. Darker ketchup doesn’t mean it is not good to eat. Because of other acting natural preservatives like vinegar and sugar , 78 ketchup will be just fine ...
    • Is there msg in the 78 ketchup?

      Some companies use monosodium glutamate, or MSG, in their products as a flavor enhancer. Companies will even try to sneak MSG into products. You’ll be glad to know that we do not use any ingredients that have MSG added, no matter which name it goes ...
    • Do your products contain genetically modified ingredients?

      Absolutely NO ! 78 Brand is committed to only sourcing quality , natural , non GMO ingredients . Our ketchups and mustard are produced in Poland , where producing food with genetically modified organisms is also illegal !